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Imperial quality wines

Imperium Wines maintains the tradition of noble wines from the Minis vineyard, offering wine lovers an exclusive selection of its most expressive grapes.

When you pick a bottle of quality wine, you can get more than a liquor to enjoy in special moments - Imperium Wines gives you the tradition of old vineyards of Minis, which have garnered the attention of the Austrian Imperial Court, centuries ago.

A wine as fulfilled as Cadarca of Minis or as fresh as Mustoasa of Maderat cannot be left behind throughout history, instead they last in time. Their rich flavour and history are found in our very own grape varieties, cultivated with care and processed with passion.

Terroir - Nature’s flavour

The vineyard’s natural environment shapes the flavour of grapes and the savour of wine. The Minis-Maderat area favors the balanced growth of vines.

Portfolio - Imperium Wines

The grapes which we cultivate today illustrate the excellent potential of the vine area: Mustoasa of Maderat, Cadarca, Burgundy, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Choose a Romanian traditional wine!

Order a bottle of complex, refined Caradca or one of Mustoasa, bearing the freshness of autumn mornings in its taste - from the best vineyards of Minis.

About Imperium

The essence / The plenitude of Romanian traditional wines.

A rich wine is a history brought to life by the savour of its noble grapes.

In a glass of good Romanian wine, we can find the tradition of Romanian viticulture, the passion of dedicated winegrowers and the generosity of nature, which enlivens grapevines, bringing its fruit to completion.
Few wines still keep the unmistakable trace of history or that of grape processes driven in full accordance with the grapevine’s “personality”, using local traditional techniques. By means of our brand, Imperium Wines, we wish to offer enthusiasts of selected wines the savour of times long past - the taste of authentic, rich wine, which is impossible to forget.
Now incorporating two traditional varieties (Mustoasa of Maderat and Cadarca) and three internationally known ones (Burgundy, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon), wines which perfectly illustrate the essence of their provenance area, Imperium brings back the royal charm of carefully selected wines, from vines of purity 100%.
The renown gained by Cadarca of Minis at the Austrian Imperial Court, as well as the awards gained by wines from the Minis-Maderat vineyards during the last 4 decades, are a natural consequence of the quality of these wines. This is why we believe that the art of wine-making deserves to be maintained at the height acquired along many centuries of experience. Through Imperium Wines, you will find a gate to the ancient vineyard of imperial excellence.

The Brand’s Legend

Minis-Maderat is one of the oldest vine areas in Romania, the first grapevines dating back to the beginning of the 11th century. The vineyard’s certified history of over eight centuries, as well as the practice of viticulture as noble craft, have made the grapes stemming from here true hallmarks of excellence in Romanian wine-making. Cadarca of Minis, a wine which was first produced in 1744, was a favorite of the noblemen at the Austrian Imperial Court, due to its irresistible flavour and high concentration of assimilable zinc.

Old Romanian wines of Minis-Maderat provenance have reached their peak of fame by gaining the title of “king of wine”, acquired by the red wine of Minis, in 1862 London. The success of local viticulture has brought to the founding of a renown School of Viticulture, in 1881 at Minis. The secrets of local viticulture have been perpetuated until today, as the wines of Minis vineyards have won over the past 40 years over a hundred prizes in national and international wine contests.

Grape Varieties


Cadarca of Minis is a well-known Romanian traditional grape, the wine of this variety having been prepared for the first time in 1744, at the Minis vineyard. Found under the popular name of “bull’s blood”, Cadarca is a strong wine, with presence, its color varying between ruby and fiery red. Cadarca reaches a complex bouquet after 2-3 years of maturation.

Mustoasa de Maderat

Stemming from traditional vineyards of the Minis-Maderat areas, Mustoasa of Maderat recommends itself as a specific Romanian grape, of which results a refreshing white wine, with touches of fresh fruit and high acidity. The taste of Mustoasa evokes, as wine specialists have often stated, the chill of a “Romanian autumn morning”.


The grape also named “Great Burgundy”, of common provenance with Pinot Noir, has a history of over a century in Romanian vineyards, although its cultivation rate has risen greatly only after the year of 1975. The vines of this variety are known for their productivity and for their balanced, consistent wine, with its fine blackberry flavour of and soft texture.


Merlot, grape originally related to Cabernet Sauvignon, is almost as famous as the latter, yet much more productive. It was brought in Romania more than a century ago and has been cultivated extensively, since the ‘60s. Merlot is a very personal wine, delicate and fine, with an expressive bouquet and a pleasant fruity touch.

Pinot Noire

Cultivated in the famous region of Bourgogne (France) and one of the 3 grapes allowed to be part of the production of French authentic champagne, Pinot Noir is preceded by a great reputation and a long history. The wine’s preciousness is complemented by the exceptional finesse of its taste and refined flavour, changing its notes along aging.


The refined flavour of a noble wine stores all the qualities of the natural environment where its grapevine has grown. The geographical area, climatic conditions, as well as the soil ingredients, define the color, taste and smell of the wine, while the quality of processing and the age of bottling valorize the richness of grapes.
The vines of Minis-Maderat vineyards benefit from the welcoming geographical shelter provided by the Hills of Zarand, whereas the fertile soil and mild weather enable the development of grapes with a distinguished taste.


The vineyard of Minis-Maderat is located in a hill area, where the common presence of abrupt cliffs breaks the power of cold winds and prevents the storage of excess water and, consequently, the emergence of grey mold. The vine plantations are mostly exposed to the south, which eases the tempered growth of grapes and also the qualitative accumulations in their grains. The grapes’ sugar component is higher in the cliff area and on plateaus, whereas their acidity is lower in the same spreading area, given the reduced accumulation of malic acid in grapes.


The soils of Minis-Maderat areas are particularly high in iron and micro-elements, which makes them auspicious to the development of vines and the storage of nutritious substance in grapes. Red wines obtained from these soils present a shiny aspect and intense color, with dark ruby glint, and also with a very generous, expressive bouquet. The optimal soil fertility is maintained by the spreading of organic fertilizers every 4 years and by the controlled addition of chemical fertilizers. The health and quality of soils are essential to the growth of truly valuable grapes.


The microclimate of Minis-Maderat is found under the incidence of Mediterranean influences, defining advantageous climatic conditions for the growth of refined grapes. Spring in this spreading area is regularly early and wet, while autumn is long, warm and dry, leaving space for the desired maturation of grapes, characteristic to every variety. The rapid warming of slopes and the slow circulation of air currents allow the proper progress of physiological processes in grapes. The annual average temperature is 11,2°C and the relative air humidity is 75%.